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"...where local students find college knowledge"

Discovering more about you, your educational needs, academic interests, academic preparations, and college preferences.
Developing a refined list of potential colleges you would consider attending. Narrowing your search from broad scope to a targeted list.
After narrowing down to the top three, we tailoring your applications toward the schools that you wish to apply.
Trying to decide on which College to attend?

The problem is there are so many, and so many good ones.

Let me help guide you toward the College you are dreaming of.

What I can do for you:

Deciding on the right College is no easy task. I can help you navigate the entire College Admission Process from beginning to end. I am qualified to help you with your choice of College and with your applications. As a professional Independent College Consultant, I maintain memberships and associations with the leading College admissions organizations. Together we can find, and get you into a great school.

Higher Education Consultants Association

HECA is a professional organization focused exclusively on the practice of independent college admissions consulting. Since 1997, HECA has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for the higher educational consulting field while supporting our members as they expertly guide students through the transition from high school to college.

Independent Educational Consultants Association

IECA is a not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants. Chartered in 1976, the Association’s headquarters is located in the Washington, DC area. IECA works to ensure that those in the profession adhere to the highest ethical and business standards.

The Western Association for College Admission Counseling

The Western Association for College Admission Counseling supports and advances the work of counseling and enrollment professionals from California and Nevada as they help all students realize their full potential, with emphasis on freshman and transfer transitions to higher education and attention to access and equity for all students.

National Association for College Admission Counseling

NACAC has guided the evolution of college admission counseling into a recognized profession since its founding in 1937. NACAC membership today represents the diverse range of professionals in secondary and postsecondary institutions who work with students transitioning to and between colleges.

Find your college knowledge


Finding out more about you is important. With over 255 College visits in the past 96 months, I have detailed knowledge and can show you what is avialable for you at many colleges. Thurough and detailed written, on-line and on-site visits will allow me to give you an inside view of what your Colleges of interest are really like.
your personality and Goals
Personality and goals play a large part of College selection. Finding the right College for your personality and goals is a top priority.
Your academic abilities and interest
Colleges vary in their requirements for admission and course offerings. I can help pair you with the right College for you.
Your hopes and fear about College
The transition from High School to College can cause a lot of fear. The fears can be eased with proper professional consultations.
What research have you completed?
Are there colleges you, your parents or Hig School counselor are interested in already? Let’s meet and see if our research matches.


Once we have performed your initial consultation, we can put the information gathered to use. Combining your thoughts and research with my in-depth knowledge of Colleges and Universities throughout my research and experience will help narrow the path of College selection. There are thousands of Colleges in the world, narrowing them down to a short list can be a daunting task.
Assembling the initial list
Based on our consultation, I will begin the process of refining the list of potential colleges that meet your requirements and goals.
Refining the list
Thousands of Colleges will be refined down to a list of perhaps 30-40 prospective Colleges for your consideration.
A deeper look
The list will be further refined to a list of 15-20 for you to consider more deeply and visit if possible so you may see them first hand.
The short list
Finally, a list of roughly 10-12 to apply to. Usually this will consist of three ‘likely,’ four to six ‘target’ and three ‘stretch’ colleges.


The process of deciding to attend college, college selections, applications, and acceptance or denial to your college of choice can be very taxing. We are here to help you through all stages of the application process. Our experience with the process will help you through applications to the colleges of your choosing.


The application is an important part of the process of attending college. Applications should not only show that you want to attend, it should also show why you would be a good fit for the college.

Tailoring of Applications

We will work together on the application to each college. Together we will tailor each application to the individual college to ensure the greatest chances of acceptance to the colleges of choice.

Submitting Applications

We will work together ensuring each application is filled out properly, completely and examined before submitting them to the colleges. Application presentation shows you care about being selected to attend the colleges of choice.

College Counseling

Counseling is not here used as a term of art as in ‘Psycologoical Counseling Services’ : I have no such degrees nor do I offer such services; what I do offer is College Counseling, no more… but certainly no less !!

Find how we can help you on your College Quest